The Center of Nursing Excellence

"The Center of Nursing Excellence Kazakhstan (CNE) contributes to the improvement of nursing practice by empowering nurses to enhance quality of healthcare for better health of individuals. The CNE brings theory to practice and enhances development of nursing science. The CNE serves as a collaboration and networking platform between nursing practice, nursing education and nursing research. The CNE actively collects, promotes and shares: evidence-based nursing clinical guidelines, educational materials for nursing and nursing research."

The mission statement of the Center of Nursing Excellence was developed within the ProInCa project during the international workgroup sessions. The core of the CNE will be the e-platform, necessary for collaboration and knowledge sharing between academics within national and international nursing community and society. Within the project we are working on the needs and requirements analysis for the e-platform by collecting information from three different sources: (1) a systematic literature review, (2) experiences from "good practices" e.g. organisations that use internet and an e-platform for similar objectives; and (3) a Delphi questionnaire for experts to verify the preliminary list of requirements. The reports of these will be placed on the project website within a few months.

Let’s show one of the good practices. One of our network partners presented their e-platform during the project's masterclass in the Netherlands, last April. Vilans is an organisation for long-term care in the Netherlands and new developments in evidence-based nursing are made available for their users. Their e-platform has an average of 150.000 users each month. The users are nurses at all levels, students, teachers and also other carers.  The content of their platform is organised in themes, and to keep the information up to date, each theme has an expert responsible for the content: they provide news, information and regular updates. Besides the e-platform, Vilans organises partner meetings, events, and congresses. Technical support is organised in-company. Their vision is that "by developing knowledge together, sharing it with each other and learning from each other, we keep healthcare affordable".


Wolter Paans and Bea Dijkman

Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, The Netherlands

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