Evidence-based Nursing

WP 2.2 Efficiency and Quality by Evidence-based Nursing


Aim: To learn from best practices on implementing evidence based nursing (EBN) in nursing research, education and practice.


  1. Gap analysis on Evidence Based Nursing
  • a) Research on existing curriculum content (M2-M3) and data analysis - curriculum content analysis (M4-M5)
  • b) Gap analysis- Identification of gaps in evidence based nursing education (M6-M7)
  • c) Writing the report on gap analysis with recommendation for developing national educational materials on EBN (M7-M8)
  1. Learn the best practice of EBN implementation in education, practice and research and prepare national educational materials on EBN
  • a) Preparing a draft of national educational materials (M10-M13)
  • b) Workshop (5 days) in Jesenice, Slovenia (M14)
  • c) Preparation of the updated version of the national educational materials (M15-M16)
  • d) Preaparing the questionnaires for students and teachers to estimate the effect of the new material (M15)
  • e) Piloting (from M16 – M21)
  • f) Production of the Final version of the National EBN educational materials (M22-M23)
  • g) Report on pilot outcome (M25-M27)