ProInCa – Promoting the Innovation Capacity of Higher Education in Nursing during Health Service’s Transition

«Innovations in Nursing Education, Research, Leadership, and Clinical Practice in Kazakhstan»

Online / Zoom

10-11 December 2020


1 day, December 10, 2020

10.00-10.45 Connect participants via Zoom

(this  link  is to all plenary sessions during the two-day conference)

10.45-11.00 Instructions for Zoom
  Plenary session
11.00 – 10.10 Welcoming speech: Mr. Massimo Pignatelli, vice-president of Nazarbayev university for Medicine, Dean of NU School of Medicine
11.10 – 11.20 Welcoming speech: Ms. Soili Mäkeläinen-Buhanist Ambassador of Finland to Kazakhstan
11.20 - 11.30 Welcoming speech: Shaizada Tasbulatova, director of National Erasmus+ office in Kazakhstan
11.30 – 11.40 Welcoming speech: Rauza Mendaliyeva, chief manager of the Department of Higher and Postgraduate Education, Ministry of Education and Science, the member of ProInCa AAB, Kazakhstan
11.40 - 12.00 Keynote: Status and perspectives of nursing in Kazakhstan

Gulnaz Tanatarova, Director of the science and human resources Department, Ministry of Health, Kazakhstan

12.00 –12.20 Keynote: Results and impact of the ProInCa project

Johanna Heikkilä, ProInCa project coordinator, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

12.20-12.40 Keynote: Leadership and collaboration is necessary to build a strong profession

International Council of Nurses, President Annette Kennedy

12.40-13.00 Keynote: State and prospects of the National Association of Nurses of Kazakhstan

Kuanyshbayeva Aliya, president of Association of Nursing Professionals "Paryz", Kazakhstan

13.00-14.00 Break
14.00 – 14.20 KeynoteInternational perspective to the development of centers of excellence as a basis for the Center of Nursing Excellence

Wolter Paans, professor of Nursing Diagnostics, Hanse University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

14.20 – 14.40 KeynoteCenter of Nursing Excellence: aims and functions
Amangali Akanov, head of science and ethics unit, Republican center for health development, Kazakhstan
Panel section: “CNE - collaboration and knowledge sharing tool between academic national and international nursing community and society”
Panel facilitators:  Bea Dijkman, Gulim Aimagambetova
14.40 – 14.50 Organizational issues of regional offices in Kazakhstan: Plan for the future

West Kazakhstan CNE Regional Office:

 Ermukhanova Lyudmila,   head of the Department of Public Health

 Uteulieva Dana, head of nursing unit, West Kazakhstan High Medical College

14.50 – 15.00 Organizational issues of regional offices in Kazakhstan: Plan for the future

Karaganda CNE Regional Office:

Auez Aitmagambetov, Deputy Dean of the School of Nursing Education, Karaganda Medical University

Marina Kopbayeva , Deputy Director of Nursing, Regional Trauma and Orthopaedics Center, Karaganda

15.00 – 15.10 Organizational issues of regional offices in Kazakhstan: Plan for the future

East CNE Regional Office:

 Zhanar Zhumanbayeva, Head of the nursing department,  Semey Medical University,

Asiya Omargalieva, nurse, Medical Center of Semey Medical university

15.10 – 15.20 Organizational issues of regional offices in Kazakhstan: Plan for the future

South CNE Regional Office (Shymkent):  Aizat  Seidakhmetova, head of the Department of Emergency Medical Care and Nursing, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy,

 Aigerim Nurgaliyeva, senior nurse of the Heart center, Shymkent city

15.20 – 15.30 Organizational issues of regional offices in Kazakhstan: Plan for the future

Almaty Regional Office (KazNMU):

Orazbakova Gaukhar, head of Nursing Department, Kazakh National Medical University, Dautova Altyn, Deputy Chief Physician of the Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Almaty city

15.30 – 16.00 Discussion. Q/A Session
16.00 – 16.30 Break
Panel section: Strengthening collaboration between education, science and practice and the international academic community in nursing
Panel experts:  Vilen Molotov-Luchansky, Advisor to the Rector of the Medical University of Karaganda, Galina Veklenko, Head of Department of Internal Medicine of the West-Kazakhstan medical University
16.30-17.30 Implementation of clinical nursing guidelines

Laura Guzmanova, Valentine Petrenko, West Kazakhstan High Medical College

Realizing the potential of nurses in nursing research

Gaukhar Alibayeva, Dana Uteulieva, West Kazakhstan High Medical College

The level of readiness of graduate students of nursing specialty for research activities

Alexandra Belyatko,  Assistant of the Department of General Medical Practice with the course of Evidence-based Medicine, Astana Medical University

Ayagoz Umbetzhanova, Assistant of the Department of General Medical Practice with the course of Evidence-based Medicine, Astana Medical University

Development of Leadership in Nursing at the West Kazakhstan High Medical College

Gulmira Almagambetova, deputy director of  education,  

Kuspanova Tolkyn, head of West Kazakhstan branch of Association of Nursing Professionals "Paryz",

Asylzada Muhambetzhanova,  head of the training unit, West Kazakhstan High Medical College

Organization of training and implementation of rehabilitation competencies within the Stroke Management Project

Kispaeva T.T., professor, School of Nursing, Medical University of Karaganda

Comparative assessment of online information resources to improve nursing practices

Layla Mardenova, master  student, Astana Medical University

Ulbosyn Saltabaeva, PhD, Astana Medical University

17.30-17.35 Closing Day 1.

2nd day, December 11, 2020

10.00 – 11.00 Poster session.

Latest development in EBN, Nursing research and Nursing leadership in Kazakhstan and in the world

10.00-10.30   First part of ePoster session  
1.Baytuganova A  Research competencies in students of Faculty of Higher Nursing Education


Meeting ID: 981 7428 5166


  2.Bekmagambetova Zh. On the issue of reform in the training of future mid-level health professionals in nursing


Meeting ID: 777 8925 0261

Password:: 82mwU6

  3.Bizhanova A.  Research in Nursing


Meeting ID : 889 5758 5996

Password: 123456

  4.Epreva E.  Overcoming the communication barrier in the professional activities of nurses


Meeting ID: 729 3814 5973

Password: 1234

  5. Akhmetova Zh. Raising awareness of a patient diagnosed with cataracts about methods to reduce the risk of complications in the postoperative period


Meeting ID:  923 482 8329

Password: E6KKkz

  6. Heikkila Johanna, National Teaching and training materials in Moodle for course “Research and  development projects in nursing


Meeting ID: 771 0325 1444

Password: 1fKnB0

  7.Hopia Hanna, Prioritized current and future Nursing research topics in Kazakhstan


Meeting ID: 781 2683 2812

Password: KxV8ze

  8. Bettie Oosterhoff Teaching and training materials on Qualitative research in Moodle for nursing education


  9.Ibysheva N Study of the effectiveness of E-platform using  for nurses


Meeting ID: 885 4946 0600

Password: 115388

  10.Järvinen, Sari Status of the infrastructure for nursing research in medical universities in Kazakhstan


  10.30-11.00  Second part of ePoster session  
  11. Joseph U. Almazan Disaster-related resiliency theory among older adults who survived Typhoon Haiyan


Meeting ID: 885 4946 0600

Password: 115388

  12.Koshaeva P.  Teaching Leaders in the discipline “Basics of Nursing”


Meeting ID: 762 2155 4458

Password: 1234

  13.Moldagalieva G. Improving nursing care for children diagnosed with Autism


Meeting ID: 731 0443 5394

Password: Ws0NmR

  14. Beksultanova Z, Mechanical ventilation knowledge and nursing training needs


Meeting ID: 749 4798 4713

Password: 337xHB

  15 Tiittanen  Hannele, Nursing leadership capacity building: Joint development of Nursing Leadership teaching and learning materials


Meeting ID: 923 482 8329

Password: E6KKkz

  16. Tau Galiya,  Independent nursing care for pediatric patients with vascular catheters


  17. Shunayeva B  Strengthening cooperation between the Center of  Nursing  Excellence and  West-kazakhstan healthcare organizations


Meeting ID:  972 3739 8514

Password: 0bRCRv

  18. Zamanbekova N. The role of the nurse in the knee osteoarthritis management: a cross-sectional study


Meeting ID: 752 0007 0575

Password: 8cfytt

   19. Zhetmekova Zh, Development of materials in evidence-based nursing for nursing educational programs in Kazakhstan


Meeting ID: 827 6748 0885

Password: 123456

  20. Kamila Kasimova, LEADERSHIP IN NURSING


  21. Karshiga A.A., Qualitative research in nursing: the involvement of a nurse in the process of anticoagulant therapy


 Meeting ID: 797 1719 3620

 Password: 2121

11.00 - 11.05


Connect participants for 2 day panel sessions via Zoom

(this  link  is to all plenary sessions during the two-day conference)

11.05-11.30 Practice sessionCNE HelpDesk

How to log into CNE Moodle and gain access to the learning materials

Panel section:   Advanced nursing through the evidence-based nursing promotion in Kazakhstan  
 Panel experts:  Mateja Bahun ABHCF, Zhuldyz Zhetmekova SMU  
111.30 – 11.40 Wellcome words.

Mateja Bahun, A.B.Faculty of Healthcare & Zhuldyz Zhetmekova Semey Medical university

   11.40-11.50 Speaker 1 Aigerim Azamatova, assistant of nursing department, West Kazakhstan Medical University  
   11.50-12.00 Speaker 2  Gulnur Nadirbekova, Director of Nursing care, «National research cardiac surgery center»  
12.00-12.10 Speaker 3  Zorina Olga,PhD student,  Karaganda Medical University  
12.10-12.20 Speaker 4 Merey Sagadiyeva, assistant of nursing department, Semey Medical University  
12.20-12.30 Speaker 5 Zhaxybayeva Aigul, nurse of newborn pathology department, “Semey Perinatal center”  
12.30-13.00 Discussion. Q/A Session  
13.00-14.00 Break  
Round table discussion: Foresights of Nursing research in Kazakhstan - ProInCa project is over what is ahead?  
14.00 – 15.30 Vilen Molotov-Luchanskiy and Johanna Heikkilä: Key positions on ProInCa project results and impact on sustainable nursing research  
Topics of nursing research agenda

Hanna Hopia and Zhuldyz Kuanysh

Developing nursing research infrastructure

Sari Jarvinen and Feruza Saduyeva

Strengthening nursing research capacity

Johanna Heikkilä and Inesh Meyermanova

Developing International Collaborative Nursing Research

Hannele Tiittanen and Auez Aitmagambetov

15.30 – 15.45 Break  
Learning cafe Workshop: Modernization of nursing leadership in Kazakhstan: How does the future look like?  
Introductory presentation:  Results and impact of ProInCa-project on development of nursing leadership.

Hannele Tiittanen, Principal lecturer, LAB University of Applied Sciences

15.45-17.15 How to facilitate the changes in nurse leaders and advanced nurses’ roles and responsibilities in health care facilities?

Zhanar Dostanova and Assemgul Karshyga

How to Improve capacity (competences and skills) and relevance for the labour market on nursing leadership and management in health care transition

Galina Veklenko and Sari Järvinen

How to develop the new sustainable system of nursing leadership and management in health care with collaboration of HEI's and Health care facilities?

Gaziza Smagulova and Haye Jukema

How to develop the nurse leaders’ association and how to help the association to start? Dinara Shakenova and Hannele  
17.15– 17.30 Discussion of results of the conference. Adoption of the Resolution. Closing ceremony.