Why care to join in professional nursing organization


Joseph Almazan, Nancy Stitt, Alma Syzdykova, Jurgita Gulbiniene, Paolo Colet
Nazarbayev University, School of Medicine
University Medical Center



Any professional organization can assist to improve and uplift a particular profession, boost knowledge, exchange information, encourage and support people interest and render public service. One of the professional organizations that serves professional development or connecting with like-minded professionals is nursing organizations.

Nursing professional organizations is one of the professional organizations which committed to the professional and individual development including its advancement of nursing profession. Joining a professional nursing organization is critical because of its ever-changing field of nursing education and practice. Professional nursing organizations can help nurses in several ways. For example, to be its members, it allows unlimited networking nursing opportunities from different part of the world. It can boost nursing skills, improved leadership and management skills due to sharing of other nurses’ experiences during nursing conferences and fora. It can also reconnect with scholarship opportunities in research, and higher chance the researches will get funding.  In today’s time, nursing professional organizations inspire nurses to work effectively and efficiently, to stay up to date on current trend evidenced-based practices, and get a glimpse at what other health care institutions around the world what they are doing in order to innovate and advance patient care. Overall, joining a professional nursing association can provides updated health information, resources, and career opportunities to nurses that  can prepare them to assume their roles in primary care provided across to different health care settings.

Bellow is a list of Kazakhstan nursing organization (contacts can be found at the link: https://nursekz.com/organisations/):

  1. Nursing association "Paryz "
  2. Aktobe region association of nurses
  3. Kostanay region association of nurses "Sharapat”
  4. West Kazakhstan Association of Nurses "Paryz" branch
  5. North-Kazakhstan regional branch "Nursing specialists" Paryz "
  6. Public Association "Sharapat" in Karaganda
  7. Medical Association   "Salamatty Pavlodar”
  8. Association of Nurses of Almaty
  9. Branch "Paryz" in Atyrau
  10. Semipalatinsk Nursing Association
  11. South Kazakhstan Nursing Association
  12. Association of Nursing Professionals of the Kyzylorda Region13.  Nursing asoosiation "Meirim" (Zhezkazgan city)14.  Temirtau Nursing Association

Link  to ICN: https://www.icn.ch/

Link to Nursing Now movement:  https://www.nursingnow.org/

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