What does COVID-19 mean for nurses?

Online learning at the CNE

Bea Dijkman, Hanze University of Applies Sciences

The last few weeks there is an enormous growth in online teaching and online learning due to the fact that many people have to stay at home because of the corona virus outbreak. The virus has a big effect on the work of nurses. Many nurses want and need to learn more about COVID-19 and how it effects nursing practice. At the CNE website you can find a lot of information you can use for self-study and learn about the virus, spread of the disease, national and international regulations, prevention and treatment for different groups of patients (https://nursekz.com/covid-19/). The information is collected by experts and include for example a few online courses developed by the World Health Organisation. Of course, the information can also be used by nursing teachers for their online lessons and teaching students.

Information about the coronavirus is just one example of how the CNE can contribute to online learning and teaching in Kazakhstan. There are many more opportunities to use the CNE for learning and teaching. Please have a look at all the information and follow the news about the masterclasses and workshops provided by the ProInCa project and the CNE. For example, in April there is the 3-day course on ”Evidence based nursing-recognized best practices implementation”. This course for nursing teachers will be totally online. International teachers will provide online lectures and these lectures will be recorded and are available after the masterclass.

Developing online learning materials has different requirements. Most important is that it needs to be very clear and short. You can find many requirements and tips on the internet for this. Online learning has many advantages in a large country as Kazakhstan because it can also reach nurses in remote areas. In the years to come the CNE will provide more and more online learning materials. If you have suggestions and materials you might want to share through the CNE website, please contact the CNE via following email address: info@nursekz.com

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