Center for Nursing Excellence

WORK PACKAGE 2.1 Center for Nursing Excellence

The Center of Nursing Excellence (CNE):
is network organization to collaborate and exchange nursing knowledge for research and education and the improvement of evidence based nursing practice for the Kazakhstan nursing community.

The e-platform is supporting and facilitating knowledge sharing, research, innovation and education by collaboration.


AIM: the development of
- mechanisms for collaboration and knowledge sharing within the CNE between:

  • academic national nursing community and
  • international nursing community (universities and other educational institutions) and
  • society.

- mechanisms involve for example:

  • creation of an e-platform,
  • formalized national and international networks and working groups.

- mechanisms to create infrastructure for capacity building and quality of nursing research:

  • equipment and communication network
  • development of a staff-resource

The use of e-platforms in international cooperation in nursing science contributes to improvement of nursing practice and the increase of evidence based interventions in health care.


  1. Needs and requirements analysisa) literature review

    b) sharing best practices and workshop

    c) delphi research

  1. Design and development of CNE & the e-platforma) choice platform & design interface

    b) establish working group & fill platform

    c) workshop

    d) creation of three language content of the e-platform

  1. Piloting and securing the sustainability of CNEa) pilot

    b) usability research

    c) CNE sustainability plan


  1. Report of the requirement analysis 
  2. Scientific article: Identifying and prioritizing requirements for an e-platform to strengthen nursing in Kazakhstan (In review)
  3. CNE & E-platform
  4. CNE courses
  5. CNE organizational structure and sustainability plan (work in progress)