WP 2.3 Establish HEI research program and networking in nursing


Strengthen Medical Universities role in building evidence based nursing research activities in health services in order to promote the quality and safety of health care system


  1. Support the development of Nursing research infrastructure in Kazakhstan
    a) Benchmarking nursing research infrastructure
  2. Support the development of research agenda on nursing in Medical Universities by learning from the international
    a) Practices on nursing research development
    b) Literature review
    c) Focus group
    d) Delphoi
  3. Build the joint capacity of Medical Universities and health facilities in nursing research
    a) Piloting and testing contemporary competence
    b) Create multidisciplinary research activity
    c) Organizing online seminars
  4. Joint International Research Projects on Nursing


  1. Recommendation to Medical Universities for nursing research infrastructure
  2. Scientific article
  3. Recommendations to Medical Universities for creation of nursing research agenda
  4. Recommendation national working programmers for nursing research disciplines
  5. International research projects on nursing (4)